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Pastoral Advisor:  Rev. Dan Howard from Hope, Warren
Immediate Past President: Lucie Witte
President:  Sandy Hardies
Recording Secretary:  Judy Shepard
Treasurer:  Karen  McClelland
Parliamentarian:  Barb Collins
Historian:  Pat Schultz
VP Events:  Gina Davidson
Reservation Coordinator:  Candie Sionkowski
Hospitality Coordinator:  Sheri Comeford
Programs Coordinator:  Barb Collins
Women of the Year Coordinator (WOY):  Joan Monson
Luncheon Booklet Coordinator:  Barb Collins
VP Human Care:  Barbara Hoffmeier
Food Bank Coordinator:  Ivy Thompson
Issues and Action Coordinator: Glory Drum
Mission Support Coordinator:  Andrea Anderson
Operation Layette Coordinator:  Pam Stasko
VP Communication: Laura Thomas
Correspondence Coordinator:  Wilma Wagner
Development Coordinator:  Kristen Burke
Membership Coordinator:  Kitty Sweitzer
Publicity Coordinator:  Laura Thomas
Publicity Coordinator Assistant:  Nora Baars
Scholarships Coordinator:  Lucie Witte
Website Coordinator:  Judy Shepard
Nominations Coordinator:  Barbara Hoffmeier


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